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Volcanic Peppers Sauce Label By McLaughlin Creatives


Label created by McLaughlin Creatives, for Voodoo Taco


Label created by McLaughlin Creatives, for Catfish Corner

For the past 3 years, we have had the privilege of designing some really cool sauce and spice labels for Tim Bader, owner/operator of Volcanic Peppers in Bellevue. In fact, you could say, McLaughlin Creatives helped put him on the map!

We have watched him grow from a tiny seedling starting out in his own home,  into a proud business owner with his famous award-winning spices and sauces, to opening his storefront in Bellevue, NE. We have been proud to create all of his product labels and even his logo and web banner ad and header on his website.

Tim has been a great client, bringing us creative work for Voodoo Taco, and Catfish Corner, as well. Tim creates the sauces for Voodoo Taco and Catfish Corner, and we create the labels.

The next time you’re visiting Tim’s store, or dining at Voodoo Taco, or Catfish Corner, take a look at the labels on the sauces and spice bottles, and think of us, McLaughlin Creatives, Graphic Designers at your service!

Thanks, to Tim, for making us into a great success ourselves!

“The Heartland News” it’s All About “The Heart”

M,A,Yah, Publisher

M,A,Yah, Publisher

February is “Black History Month,” so we’re dedicating this blog to a very special friend of ours, M,A,Yah, Founder, Owner and Publisher of “The Heartland News” street paper in Omaha, NE.

As we have been taught in school, the great Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his speech not so very long ago about having a dream. He had a dream about equality and love for one another no matter what your skin color. Slavery ended, but discrimination did not completely disappear, as he had hoped. It continues on today, but it doesn’t have to. We have a choice to discriminate and hate, or forgive and love.

There is one thing that does not discriminate, no matter what your race is. It’s called “homelessness.” Homelessness is prevalent throughout the United States, and also hits us right in the heart of America. Right here in Omaha, there are so many people in need of shelter, food, a place to bathe, the basic essentials of life just to stay alive. Some are homeless by choice, but so many more are not. So many people have lost jobs, or are unable to work due to chronic illness, or other reasons. Some actually have jobs, but are still homeless, because the economy is so bad, prices keep increasing while our wages remain the same.

M,A,Yah also had a dream. His dream became a reality. He saw the homeless in a different light, because at one time he too, was homeless. He has a great compassion for those struggling to survive on the streets so he dreamed one day that he would own a street paper and dedicate it to getting the homeless jobs and hopefully off the streets.

His newspaper is called “The Heartland News.” It is a community paper about events happening in and around his neighborhood. His circulation is just over 2,000, and it’s printed monthly. His vendors are homeless people. They sell his paper for $1.00 each and keep 75¢ for themselves, while giving him back .25¢ to fund the printing of the next issue of the paper. Sometimes, the vendors make more than $1.00 while out selling. When people find out the cause of the paper, they want to give more, but M,A,Yah only expects .25¢ in return. The rest is theirs to keep!

M,A,Yah’s dream went up in smoke exactly one year ago this month, or so he thought! On February 5, 2013, M,A,Yah’s building was destroyed. Someone had set fire to his newspaper which was located at 62nd and Ames Avenue at the time. No one was hurt fortunately, however, M,A,Yah had been residing in the upstairs of the building, and due to the fire he found himself homeless once again.


After the fire.


Arson destroyed the first building.









You may have seen the news back in February of 2013, if not, you might be interested in this link:

M,A,Yah has a big heart. And though someone tried to crush it, they didn’t succeed. All he could think about from the time of the fire, was getting his paper back up and running again. He said he only lost a building, not his dream!

Within 4 months of the fire, M,A,Yah found refuge just 20 blocks east of where his original building was. He moved his newspaper into a building that is shared with a barber on 4001 Ames Avenue, and has begun to put the pieces of his life back together. Not only did his paper make a come back, but he is now the proud owner of a restaurant called “Ames Café.”

Besides delving into the restaurant business, M,A,Yah is a very talented writer. He just finished his first book called, “The Vicious Vikings.” It’s the first of a 32 book fantasy sports series. The book is written in poetic form and though it looks like a children’s book, it would please any football fanatic. M,A,Yah has a manuscript written for every NFL team. He started with the Vikings because he is originally from Minnesota, and this is his favorite team.


Joe McLaughlin, Illustrator with M,A,Yah, Author

This book is what he calls his “miracle book,” because the original manuscript survived the fire along with all of his other manuscripts he has written over the years. M,A,Yah was functional illiterate for many years, until he taught himself how to read from a children’s book. It was upon learning to read this first children’s book and getting to meet the author of that book in person that made him want to be an author himself.


HIs book, “The Vicious Vikings,” is now for sale through the website . You can purchase the book using PayPal, and once again, M,A,Yah is thinking about the homeless. The proceeds earned from the sales of this book will go back into the newspaper which helps the homeless get jobs!

Discrimination. That’s what I opened this blog with. Unfortunately it’s not dead. M,A,Yah experiences discrimination every time someone opens up the front page of his paper, and without realizing what “The Heartland News” is all about, they make an assumption that because the Publisher is a “black man,” this must be a “black only” paper. That’s simply not the case. His latest issue is being extended into two new states, Iowa and Minnesota. He is in need of writers, as well as, vendors so that he can begin to perform a Publisher’s duties instead of doing everything all by himself.

If you’re interested in giving something back to the community and helping the homeless obtain jobs and “Charge out of Poverty,” as his saying goes, please contact him at

We hope this article has helped shed some new light on “The Heartland News” street paper. We further hope that you will join in M,A,Yah’s effort to make this newspaper even more of a success. The next time you see a vendor out selling his paper stop and buy a copy. It’s really worth more than a dollar. It’s PRICELESS!



“The Vicious Vikings”

Vicious Vikings CoverDo you need a unique Christmas idea? We’ve just finished our first book called “The Vicious Vikings.” This is the first of a series of 32 sports related books, great for sports fanatics and kids of all ages! The book was written by M,A,Yah of The Heartland News in Omaha, NE. Illustration, layout and design were done by Joe and me. More details to come on how to purchase the book in time for Christmas. It’s being printed and is due to be released on Saturday, December 7th, 2013.

Are You A Realtor?

Realtors listen up! Fall is just around the corner. Are you ready? If you need post cards, business cards, fliers or other advertising material, why don’t you contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you. Looking forward to it!

Front of Postcard

Sample front side of postcard.

Back of Postcard

Sample of back side of postcard.

Do it Yourself?


SampleAd_Good“I can do it myself!” That’s the phrase we all learn as a Toddler. However, there are certain situations this phrase just doesn’t work.

Take a look at the two ads to the left. Which one looks more appealing to your eye? You be the judge.

If you are thinking about starting a new business, or have already begun your business, but you need quality advertising, don’t wait! Contact us today.

With a quality marketing plan, your next client could be right around the corner!

Hey…You Talkin’ about us?!!

In our last post I wrote about our faithful client, Tim Bader, of Volcanic Peppers. This time, McLaughlin Creatives is lucky to share a review that was given by a great guy in Texas who calls himself, Bishop Brad. Not only did he give Tim a great review on his spice and sauce, he also gave us a review without knowing who it is that’s behind the marketing of those labels. He gave us a 3-1/2 out of 5 stars. We’ll take it, and thank you very much, Bishop Brad, for taking the time to critique the label. We really appreciate the feedback, baby!

If you need package design, logos, booth banners, web banners, animation, or any other creative piece you can think of contact us today!


Cheri & Joe

The Client

Every now and then a person just has to give some praise to another in order to encourage more good work. Or as it says in Ephesians 4:29 – “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” (NIV)

Now I’d like to talk up our client, Tim Bader, owner/operator of Volcanic Peppers in Omaha, Nebraska. We’ve had the pleasure of creating Tim’s spice and sauce labels, and other marketing materials since September of 2011 when he was just starting out.

Yep, all it took was a little TLC (Tim’s Label Creations) and Whammo! This little seedling of a client grew into a phenomenal businessman, with awards to boot!

Hats off to you, Tim! And thank you for choosing McLaughlin Creatives for all your advertising needs.

The following is a link to an article written by Ken Alexander, giving his review of Tim’s Lava Hot Scorpion BBQ Sauce. Not only does Ken review Tim’s sauce, he also critiques our label design. So Ken if you’re reading this, thanks for the review. We really appreciate your input!